High Island Dairy Environmental Review 27 Jun 12

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency invites comments on an environmental review of a proposed 3,000-cow dairy in Nicollet County.

Comments must be in writing and accepted by 4:30 p.m. on July 25.

High Island Dairy, owned by Davis Family Dairies, proposes to build a total confinement barn northwest of Saint Peter to house three thousand dairy cows. The facility would use a process called “anaerobic digestion” to break down manure from the cows and wastewater from a nearby cheese company. This process would also create methane gas to use as energy at the proposed facility.

After this process, manure solids would be used as bedding for dairy cows. Liquid manure would be stored in a covered basin on-site until it is applied as fertilizer to cropland every fall.

A copy of the Environmental Assessment Worksheet is available on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website . Written comments are due to Charles Peterson of the M-P-C-A by July 25.

This project requires state and federal permits, which are also on public notice. Written comments on the permits are due to George Schwint of the M-P-C-A by July 25.

To comment and for more information, click here.