Another Scam 06 Jul 12

It has been brought to the attention of the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office that a number of individuals have been receiving multiple variations of a mailing claiming they have been selected as the winner of a prize in a Foreign Lottery of Contest.

Authorities say the letter then requests that the individual make a payment inorder to receive thei prize.  Authorities say this is a scam and you should be aware  that there are multiple versions of this scam in operation, but they all request that you send money to receive your prize.

Authorities say consumers should not enter any foreign lottery or sweepstakes asking for money in return for winnings or chances.

Federal law prohibits the use of mail to sell or buy lottery materials, including tickets, letters or circulars concerning a lottery, chances or shares in a lottery, or payments to purchase such tickets, chances, or shares.

To report a fraudulent lottery scam, consumers can  contact the FTC and the Postal Inspector at or  For more information on avoiding foreign lotteries or other consumer information, you can contact the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office at