Hutch Store Not Closing 12 Jul 12

Officials with Best Buy say the Hutchinson Store will not close after all. After reports that employees at the Hutchinson store were telling customers that the store would not be closing, a Best Buy public relations representative confirmed that information to KDUZ/KARP Wednesday.

The Hutchinson store had been among five stores in Minnesota scheduled to close this fall as part of the company’s cost-cutting resctructuring plan.

When asked why the the Hutchinson store would now remain open, representatives for Best Buy said that they had “reevaluated the store” and its customers.

  • Abc123

    Too bad, the Best Buy in Hutch sucks.

  • Tompiano57

    I’m curious as to why the Minneapolis paper hasn’t mentioned that this store is staying open. They seem to cover everything else on Best Buy. Is it for sure staying open?!?