Grove City fires clerk, reprimands one other 27 Jul 12

The Grove City clerk was fired and the city’s maintenance supervisor was formally reprimanded Thursday for actions following the Father’s Day storm that left the town without power for three days. The West Central Tribune reports the action was taken by the Grove City Council during a special meeting as at least 100 people crowded into the room to listen to the allegations against city clerk Janell Johnson and maintenance supervisor Brad Jans. The council said the two employees did not pass along information from Meeker Cooperative about options for having electricity back-fed to Grove City while electricity was interrupted from their own supplier during the wind storm that downed numerous power lines in Meeker County. The allegations discussed Thursday were on top of several years of conflict Johnson has had with the council, which has resulted in creation of a union for the three city employees, lawsuits and extensive legal fees. An ironic twist to the story is that Johnson, Jans and Grove City’s power company were praised for their work in a feature article in May issue of the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association newsletter.

  • Pugs

    Good article but no substance, do a background check on the council members you might find it enlightening