Gun in Hutchinson Bar 07 Aug 12

Authorities are requesting charges on a 25-year-old Hutchinson man after an incident that started when he allegedly dropped a handgun on the floor at the Main Street Sports Bar in Hutchinson early this morning (Tuesday).

Police received a report just before 12:30 this morning.  On arrival, police located the suspect outside the building.  Police say when they confronted the suspect he was uncooperative.  He was detained and ultimately did comply with the officer.  However, after he was arrested, he became verbally and physically agitated and kicked out the rear window of a squad car.  He was then taken to jail.

Police say they did locate the pistol.

Police are requesting felon in possession of a pistol after conviction of a violent crime, carrying a pistol without a permit, obstruction, and damage to property charges against the suspect.