New Information on Newborn’s Death 07 Aug 12

New details have been released in the case of a former Henderson woman accused of leaving her newborn baby in the woods over a decade ago.

29-year-old Amy Romero is awaiting trial on 1st-degree murder charges in Sibley County after confessing to leaving the baby to die after giving birth in April of 2001.

She was known as Amy Aune at the time, and had been living in Missouri in recent years. Newly-unsealed court documents claim that she had become pregnant while employed in the Job Corps program in St. Paul, but was told she would have to leave the program if pregnant. She reportedly attempted to get an abortion, but was too far along, so she hid the pregnancy and gave birth in her parents’ home in Henderson while they were gone. She then reportedly left the baby in a hollow log in an area known as Popkey Woods with the hope that “the coyotes would take her off.”

Romero’s trial is scheduled to start September 11th. She remains in custody.