Coach Frazier recaps first preseason game, AP and more 13 Aug 12

We had a chance to go back and look at the game tape this morning with our players and there were a lot of good things that happened in that game. Being able to see our offense take the ball down the field against the team that played in the NFC Championship game a year ago, a couple different times, that was good to see. The way Christian showed the poise and command with our offense, that was something we were hoping would happen in a game situation; we had seen it in practice and it showed up in a preseason game. The downside, we didn’t finish those drives with a touchdown, that’s something we talk about today. When you’re on the road in a tough environment, if you can finish those long drives with touchdowns that’s a big deal for our team. Of course watching Blair in those conditions kick the ball as well as he did was really encouraging for our team and our staff as well. Defensively it was good to see us come up with a turnover late in the game, good to see the fact that Marvin Mitchell came out and pulled one of those balls out. The negative was the way they ran the ball, they got a lot of yards rushing the football in that ball game. There are some things we can do gap-integrity wise that we think will help us. Probably the most important thing for us was that this is part of the process. To have a game under our belt now that we can go back and look at as a group and try to build on it and learn from, is something we needed and that’s the next step and now we’ll work as hard as we can these final few days in Mankato to keep trying to improve our football team so that we can get better and better so when we line up on September 9th, we’re playing some good football. Encouraged by some things that we saw, the lack of penalties was a good thing. We’ve had a heavy emphasis in that area. To have one penalty on offense and defense, we don’t like the penalty on special teams but we’re heading the right direction in that area as well so we’re excited about that. Fortunate we only had the one injurty to Letroy Guion, it was confirmed it was a PCL. He should be out maybe a week and hopefully we’ll have him back in that second week, maybe for the third preseason game. It’s good to see Adrian out there this morning in the walk through, you guys are aware that he is no longer on PUP so it’s good for him to be around his teammates. I want to caution you, I know there are a lot of fans that are very optimistic and excited about seeing him back but for us it’s just a part of the process. It doesn’t mean a whole lot other than he’s done a great job in his rehab up to this point. Off to the side with our strength coaches, with (Head Athletic Trainer) Eric Sugarman and his staff and our medical staff explained to myself and Rick Spielman that the next step for him in the process would be to get integrated with his teammates and that’s just what it means. He’s done everything he can do on the side, now it’s the next step in the process. It doesn’t mean in the future he’s going to be lining up with our team in the opening game, we don’t know that. We have a long time to determine that, this is just another step in the process.

Q: Is the plan to get Adrian in a game in the preseason?

A: We’ll see how he progresses. Once we get to the point where he’s out of the acclimation period, where we have two days where he can’t wear pads, and daily we’ll gauge where he is. If it looks like that’s the next step, we would want to do it. If we could get him in a game and let him get a little bit of the taste of NFL action and a live situation, that would be good but we’ll see.

Q: Why is now the right time to take Adrian off PUP?

A: Just going back and hearing what our medical staff said, all the things they’ve done with him up to this point, the next step is to integrate him with his teammates and that’s where we are with the next step in the process.


Q: How much contact do you expect and when will he fully participate?

A: Under the new CBA we have to go through this two day acclimation period where he can’t wear pads so today along with Monday he can do some individual drills, he can do our walk through, but he can’t do any of the padded stuff that we’re doing and we’re in pads right now, so it won’t be until Tuesday when we can put him in pads and let him go through some of the padded work that we’ll do. We’ll just keep going through the process.


Q: When you told Adrian he was off PUP, what was his reaction?

A: I asked him, because we’ve been talking about this for a while, I said “Now is your chance to say Coach, I was wrong, I don’t think I’m ready.” He said, “I’m not saying that, I’m ready I can’t wait to get out there.” He’s pretty excited.


Q: How would you rate his lobbying effort?

A: He could be a good politician. He did a good job of lobbying but it wasn’t his lobbying that got us to this point, it was his work, the things that he’s done up to this point in his rehab. You have to credit him with the hard work he’s put in with our trainers, with our strength coaches, he’s done a great job to the point where they feel like this is the next step.


Q: Nine months from surgery, is there a little bit of amazement where he’s at?

A: Maybe if it were somebody else, but with Adrian, he’s unique and he’s always been that way in the time I’ve known him in his career. He’s special in so many ways and we all know the severity of the injury and what’s required to come back. In his case, just to see the steps that we’re taking along the way and how each hurdle that was put before him, he always met the challenge throughout this rehab. This is the next step, looking forward to see how he responds, I think we all are. We’ll take it day by day and see where he is.


Q: How do you judge when to make him live in practice?

A: I don’t think there will be a time where we say it’s live on Adrian. It wasn’t that way before, you don’t want him going to the ground in practice. The first time he’ll go to the ground, if I have anything to say, will be in a game situation, we’re not going to take him to the ground in practice.


Q: Is the third game ideal if he is going to play?

A: I don’t know, this is a unique situation. There’s no articles of war that says we can’t play our starters in the fourth game, so that’s our decision. We’ll see how things are going.


Q: What can he do before Tuesday?

A: He can only do some of the walk through stuff that we’re doing. He’ll be able to do the individual drills that we’re doing in practice but team stuff he won’t be able to participate in because we’re bumping during those periods with pads on so he can’t participate in that. He can go through group install periods where we’re walking and teaching, more the teach stuff is what he is able to do now, but nothing that we’re doing padded wise.


Q: Tuesday full pads?

A: Tuesday full pads he can jump in and do everything else the other guys are doing.


Q: After watching Friday’s tape, what can you assess on the first team

A: One of the things when we went back to look at the tape and we felt this way going in, Harrison was really making a push, he’s going to get a chance to work in that first group, and he did on Friday night as well, he just didn’t start the game. It will be the same this week, although we’re going to do some things a little bit different with the starting rotations on Friday night. He’s done enough now where we feel confident that he can go out there in a starters role and we want to see how he performs in that role. He very well could start Friday, he’s did some good things when he was in there Friday night.

Q: Is there concern about Mistral Raymond’s role on the Brandon Jacobs run?

A: You’ve got to keep putting him in situations and giving him a chance to make plays. He’s going to get opportunities like all our guys that are fighting for jobs. You don’t want to make a declaration at this point that he can’t do it. We’ve got some more opportunities ahead. So he’ll get more opportunities and so will the other guys to make those plays.


Q: Surgery for Adrian Peterson on New Year’s Eve, only seven and a half months?

A: You’re always hopeful that things are going to work out. I’ve never put a timetable on it in my mind. Just try to adhere to what the doctors and our trainers were telling me along the way. But I never put in my mind that we’ll shoot for August whenever, or September whenever. I never put a number on it because of who he is and also it’s a process. This doesn’t mean anything other than it’s the next step in his rehab. But I never put a number in my mind that by week two of the preseason, lets try to get him ready to go.


Q: Do you have an appreciation for what he’s been able to do?

A: No question. I think Wes Welker was another guy that came back at a rate that was unprecedented at the time. Maybe there are some others, but that one comes to mind. But Adrian is so unique and all the things I’ve heard along the way and witnessed, we’ve all seen some of the things that he has done in his rehab. You just shake your head, the fact that where he is right now is a testament to his great genetics and his intestinal fortitude.


Q: How correctable are Friday’s mistakes?

A: I think they are correctable. We’ll be playing Kevin and Jared and some of those guys along the way. Getting Jasper back into the swing of things, that’s a process. He’ll have to continue to get work and we’ll continue to give him opportunities. Unfortunately we won’t have Letroy to get more reps, but Fred Evans and Christian Ballard. Getting those guys more opportunities should help us to do a little bit better job in run situations. But we just have to keep putting them in those situations.


Q: Did Jasper look tentative?

A: He wasn’t quite as sharp as we’d like for him to be. It wasn’t all unexpected just because of the time lost. It’s hard to simulate game speed. Even though this is preseason and we all know it’s going to ramp up another gear on September 9. But he needed that on Friday night. He needs it again this Friday. He hasn’t been in those game situations in quite a while.


Q: Is there one step left, to take a hit?

A: I think that’s a huge step. When you are in situations that aren’t choreographed, to have to react will be a big step when that time comes. Where guys can hit you anywhere, they can hit you low, they can hit you high. That’s a big hurdle. Not just from a physical standpoint, but from a mental one as well. He’ll have to see what that’s like and we’ll have to see how he responds when that time comes. But that will be a big hurdle to get past.


Q: How big of a concern for Letroy?

A: You don’t really want him to miss a whole lot of time because he’s a guy that we are counting on to really be a factor for us at that position, a major factor. Extended time loss would be a negative for what we are trying to do. Injuries are a part of our game and you can’t get around it. We have to deal with it as it comes. Fortunate for us, based on what we are told, it is only going to be a week injury. We should get him back for the third preseason game, which will be fantastic.

Q: How did the replacement officials do?

A: I cannot talk about the replacement officials. Next question.


Q: Did anyone stand out?

A: You know it was good to see Solomon get that pick late in the game to stand out like he did. We talked at halftime about turnovers, so it was good to see that. Nick Reed, some of the things he did at the left end position, that was encouraging. Seeing Patrick Brown come out there after missing so much and playing as well as he did at the right tackle position. That encourages you to be able to see that. Joe Berger did a good job. Really impressed with the time that Matt Kalil was in the game. They didn’t play Justin Smith, but the fact that Matt played as well as he did, that was encouraging. So some of the young guys really stood up, I thought Audie Cole came in late and made some nice plays. That was encouraging from the middle linebacker position. There were a few other guys that did some things that kind of like, okay lets see what this guys got.


Q: Looked tough for Joe Webb.

A: He was in a tough situation at times with some of the guys that were in the game while he was in there. But we have confidence in Joe. He’ll have enough opportunities this week against Buffalo to get some extended snaps. Looking forward to him to continue to move forward and play a little bit better. I think he will. We’ve got to do some things to help him as well. Part of his maturation will be being able to show that he can do some things in the pockets, but we don’t want to handcuff Joe. We have some things, that when the time comes, we can explore his many capabilities on the edge to put pressure on defenses as we’ve all seen. We’re not going to limit him to just being a drop back guy. That’s something we want him to improve on, but we also want to utilize his strengths on the perimeter when things break down and make plays.


Q: Personal reservations for taking Adrian off of the PUP?

A: No, I really didn’t. You have to trust the people that are doing the things they’re doing from a medical standpoint and what they’re telling us. Another reason I didn’t feel pressure is because we are not putting him in a game situation until he is ready. We can control practice. This is a controlled environment and it is still a part of the process. Based on what he has accomplished in his rehab to this point, this is the next step in his rehab. To not let him do this, you are potentially setting him back as well. So you need to let him continue to go forward in his rehab. This is an important part of it. As I mentioned, this is just a part of his rehab. There is no decision made on game situations at this point.


Q: In the second half the 49ers got both the result of the play and the yards from an illegal hands to the face, is that the standard?

A: The officials did the best job they could do in that game.