A little bit of WE in a ME sports world 14 Aug 12

All too often in sports nowadays we hear about selfish play, or a grand standing athlete. It never used to be that way. I know I’m only in my 30’s but even I remember when it was all about the team and not the individual.

Just recently I watched the Olympics…after seeing Team Jamaica win the 4×100 meter relay I heard Usain Bolt on TV saying, (and I’ll paraphrase a bit) “I did it…My legacy is complete…I’m the greatest.” His team had just won, but he didn’t mention the team at all.

So that got me to thinking about all the good things I’ve seen or experienced lately. In a ME sports world, I’ve seen a bunch of WE lately and I’d like to salute them for it. Salute them for showing people that not everything in sports is bad, Salute them for doing the right thing. Things that maybe don’t seem special…but are special just because of the growing rarity of them. Here we go…

-A Salute to the folks over in Sacred Heart. Was over there for the State American Legion Baseball Tournament. Pleasant folks to work with, would bend over backwards to help out, provided a great atmosphere, and was fun. That’s how you host a baseball tournament.

-As long as we’re on Legion Ball…A Salute to the folks in Wahpeton and the D2 National Regional Baseball Tournament. They were equally as accommodating as the folks in Sacred Heart…maybe a bit more so. They were genuinely glad to have us up there covering the games on the radio. Helped out where they could and opened their community to me. Great job on the tournament guys! If Plato had to lose, I’m glad they lost to a classy organization.

-To the Plato American Legion Baseball team. You conducted yourself with dignity and pride. You were always gracious…represented yourselves, your parents, your community well. In a state tournament that was marred by a selfish act by another team you kept composed and level headed. In the National Regionals I know talking to people there, you impressed people with your play on the field and the way you presented yourselves. Good job guys!

-A Salute to Team USA Womens Basketball. Showed great team play in the Olympics…Multiple people involved in the game…the entire roster contributing to the gold medal performance…gracious in defeat…always complimenting the team and not the person. You were a pleasure to watch ladies!

-A salute to all the sportsmanship at the Olympics. I know I saw a scene where two men from different countries helped up another person who’d fallen and helped him cross the finish line. I also saw a photo where an American Wrestler and an Iranian Wrestler embracing. The Olympics need to come sooner than every 4 years…they teach us that division among countries, or even political parties isn’t a good thing. More people need to work together.

-A salute to the boy from Detroit who set up a lemonade stand with the purpose of donating the proceeds to help the city out. He raised about $3,600 dollars and donated every penny. The cities parks and recreation areas are going to get that money. Oh and by the way…he’s 9 years old.

-This one’s not sports but that’s ok….To the group called Aaron’s Wish. If you haven’t seen any of these videos…google them on you tube. A mans dying wish was for his family after he was gone to go out for pizza and leave the waitress a $500 tip. They did and have said they’ll continue to do so if they get enough donations. $50,000 have been donated so far…more tips to come. Great thing this family is doing!

-Lastly a salute out to you folks reading this. Sometimes everyday things go unnoticed and unthanked. If you’ve ever helped out a friend in need…scooped snow for a neighbor who couldn’t do it…volunteered at your church or a charity…raised money for a good cause…or just listened to someone who needed a friend. For all those thing and many more that I didn’t mention…I salute you.

Would you like to salute someone? I’d love to hear about the story…post your salute in the comments section below on this webpage!