Clean Water Council Tour of Carver County 17 Aug 12

On Monday, August 20th, Clean Water Council (CWC) members will visit six sites in Carver County, and see work that’s being done to protect and restore Minnesota waters.

The six sites on the CWC’s annual tour range from manure management to aquatic invasive species to lake and stream restoration to stormwater best management practices. Carver County is one of Minnesota’s local government leaders in water-quality restoration and protection work.

Officials say the site visits begin at 9 a.m. and they will inspect:

-Streambank erosion at Carver and Bevens Creek
-Aquatic invasive species monitoring and inspections at Minnewashta Park
-Lake Burandt rain gardens that capture and treat stormwater runoff
-Sod Farm Wetland Restoration
-City of Watertown Stormwater Treatment Center
-Scott Hoese farm: waste management systems and other agricultural best management practices

Established by the Clean Water Legacy Act in 2006, the Clean Water Council advises the governor on state programs to restore and protect Minnesota’s waters.