U.S./Dakota Conflict Presentation 27 Aug 12

This year marks the Anniversary date of the U.S. and Dakota Conflict of 1862.

This tragic event in Minnesota History drastically changed the lives of both early settlers and native peoples forever.

The McLeod county Libraries and the McLeod County Historical Society, with funding provided by the Legacy Act, have decided to use this year to focus on the events of 1862 by presenting the book, “Through Dakota Eyes” as our

Bringing Books to Life Series continues into its third year.

The presentation will focus on the very personal story of a mixed blood Dakota and Anglo woman and her family in Minnesota leading up to and during the Dakota War. Officials say our youngest program guests will learn what life was like growing up in early Territorial times in Minnesota and walking the line between two very different cultures that the mixed bloods were forced to choose between. Our older guests will learn about the cultural differences of the whites and the Dakotas as well, but they will also see how being a half Anglo and half Dakota woman gave her a unique perspective on the causes, the battles, and the aftermath of the war.

The presentation is being held at the Hutchinson Public Library tonight (Monday) from 7pm until 8pm. Light refreshments will be served following the presentation.