Winthrop Boy Hit by Semi 16 Sep 12

A Winthrop boy was airlifted to a Twin Cities hospital in critical condition after being hit by a semi Saturday afternoon.

13-year-old Jacob Weber was taken to HCMC in Minneapolis for treatment.

According to the State Patrol, several juveniles were riding their bikes north on Highway 15 when one of them, apparently Weber, crossed in front of the semi and was hit.

The incident happened at about 2:30 Saturday afternoon.

No other injuries were reported.

  • So sad and shocking. I was a classmate of his and with him the last day entire day he was alive.. I would never have guessed this could happen to him or anyone my age I knew that well.. That I saw everyday

  • :(

    I will miss you Jacob. I know you din’t like me but i thought you where a cool kid

  • Dustin

    Its so sad to hear about this :( jacob was too young !!! Rip jacob

  • confued

    is he dead or alive??

  • confued

    is he dead or alive???????????????
    everyone is saying he is dead but a bit of peops or saying he is alive
    im soooooooooooooo confused!!!!

  • confued

    will someone plz answer me!!!!!!!!

  • frogmama

    So sorry for the Weber family. And I am so sorry for his greiving classmates and friends. Something simular happeded to one of my classmates the same age in the 90s and it was very hard to deal with. I’m so sorry you will have to endure this too.

  • :(

    He was a good kid I knew him but never really talked to him.. My prayers to the Weber Family…