IPhone 5′s Ship Date Delayed as Pre-Orders Exceed Supply 19 Sep 12

If you want to be the first of your friends to say you have the new iPhone 5 then you’d better plan on waiting in line, because Apple already sold out of its initial inventory.

Last Friday at midnight PST, Apple opened its website for iPhone 5 pre-orders and, within about an hour, shipping dates were being pushed back two weeks (from Sept. 21st to Sept. 28th), and now some shoppers are getting delivery dates in October. Of course, retailers are still set to receive their stocks of the phone on Sept. 21st, but apparently demand is so high (Apple had 2 million preorders in 24 hours) that the device likely won’t last on the shelves for long.

Any self-respecting gadget-geek will have his Sept. 21 pre-order secure, but if you somehow missed your chance, your only other opportunity of getting the phone on its release day is by waiting in line at stores, but you better start early because word is, in some cities, folks are already queuing up. *

So, is the new phone worthy of the hype? Well, that’s been a point of debate as some consider the upgrades to be minimal and by no means revolutionary. The iPhone 5 features:

  • 4-inch screen size (compared to 3.5-inch on iPhone 4s)
  • Supports 4G LTE Network
  • 20% lighter than iPhone 4s
  • Camera is 40% faster, has panorama mode, and can shoot video and pictures at the same time
  • Longer battery life (8 hours of talk time compared to 7 hours and 41 minutes of talk time on iPhone 4s)
  • New A6 processor (faster and uses less power )
  • Improved Lightning connector port (some say this is a negative since it’s not compatible with existing Apple hardware)

Impressive or not, it’s estimated that Apple will sell 58 million units of the iPhone 5 before 2013, and initial sales may even surpass the record-breaking numbers of the first iPhone released in 2007.

Are you going to upgrade to the iPhone 5, or would you rather wait and see what the next iPhone model will bring?