Leaf Vacuum Service to Begin 19 Sep 12

The leaf season is sneaking up on us quickly this year.

Starting September 24th, the City of Hutchinson will switch from a mechanical street sweeper to a vacuum street sweeper.

Public Works Manager John Olson says the unit will be used until residential leaf vacuum service begins on October 9th. Olson requests that you do not rake leaves to the gutter until that time.

Olson also says, that to promote proper drainage (if we ever get any rain) residents sould not rake their leaves into the gutter until the night before service, which is the night of your gargabe pickup day.

The residential leaf pickup will be from October 9th until November 19th, or until snow arrives.

More information is available at the city’s website www.ci.hutchinson.mn.us/leafvacuumserv.html.