Accused Robber to Represent Himself 25 Sep 12

The man accused of robbing more than a dozen banks across the state, including in St. Peter and Gaylord, has been granted the right to represent himself in court.

50-year-old Mark Edward Wetsch has been in federal custody since being arrested in St. Peter on January 3rd following a bank robbery in Brewster.

Investigators had suspected the robber would be traveling on Highway 169 on his way back to the Twin Cities, and Wetsch allegedly had a large amount of cash and a fake handgun in his vehicle when he was stopped. The vehicle matched the one seen in Brewster that day.

The robberies in St. Peter and Gaylord had taken place a few weeks earlier.

Since his arrest, Wetsch has seen several delays in his case and has turned down a plea deal.

Before granting his request to represent himself, the judge verified that Wetsch is familiar with trial procedures, rules of evidence, criminal procedure, and the federal criminal code.

He’s in custody in the Anoka County Jail as the case moves towards trial.