Pedestrian Safety Campaign 25 Sep 12

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and several partners are launching a new statewide pedestrian safety campaign with crosswalk events in five Minnesota cities today (Tuesday). The events are from 3pm to 6pm in:

Duluth – Lake Avenue/Superior Street
Minneapolis – Hennepin Avenue South/West Lake Street
Minneapolis – Chicago Avenue South/East Lake Street
St. Cloud – Fifth Avenue South/Second Street South (Highway 23)
St. Paul – West Seventh Street/Kellogg Boulevard West
Rochester – Second Street South/Broadway (Highway 63)

Share the Road crossing ambassadors will raise awareness for pedestrian safety by holding a banner that provides safety tips for pedestrians and motorists while crossing in marked crosswalks and following the crosswalk law.

“The number of pedestrian fatalities remains at about 40 per year, even though total fatalities on Minnesota roads have been steadily decreasing” said Sue Groth, MnDOT state traffic engineer. “This is an important area to focus on because pedestrians are more vulnerable than motorists who are protected by the vehicle, seatbelts and air bags during a crash.”

The campaign aims to increase the percentage of motorists and pedestrians who follow the Minnesota crosswalk law and exhibit safe walking and driving behaviors. This includes pedestrians making eye contact with drivers before proceeding into the crosswalk and motorists always being prepared to stop for crossing pedestrians at every corner. Every corner is a crosswalk. These behaviors will help reduce pedestrian-vehicle crashes on Minnesota roadways.

The launch is happening in the fall because October is traditionally the deadliest month for pedestrians.
After the launch, the campaign heavily relies on local partners, community groups and schools to spread pedestrian safety messages. All materials, information and campaign resources including crash facts and safety tips are available at

Department of Public Safety pedestrian crash facts:

- To date, there have been 23 pedestrian deaths in Minnesota in 2012. There were 16 at this time in 2011.

- October is traditionally the deadliest month for pedestrians, followed by November and December.