Downtown Tattoo License Approved 26 Sep 12

A downtown Hutchinson body piercing business will now be able to give tattoos also.

On a 4 to 1 vote, the city council Tuesday night approved issuing a tattoo license to Douglas Molton.

Molton’s shop is located at 15 Washington Avenue East, just north of Library Square.

Councilor Bill Arndt voted against issuing the license. Arndt has been opposed throughout the process, objecting to the downtown location of a tattoo parlor and stating his overall objection to tattoos in general.

  • DJ

    Thank You Bill Arndt for voting NO to this license. It would have been GREAT if the rest of the city council could have done the same!!! That’s all we need in Hutchinson is another place for the young & not so young to get their body not only pieced, but now we can get many, many tattoos, too!!!! And besides now after you go to the library to read & pick up a book the walk to the “place” is so close by!!!

  • Allie

    DJ — A ;lot of tattoo parlors rules now days are nobody allowed in that is under the age of 18… a lot doesn’t even tattoo or pierce under the age of 18 anymore even with parents consent… my tattooist that use to be in Hutch had to quit doing it ‘cuz his insurance wouldn’t cover him otherwise! So having a tattoo parlor close to home is awesome! I am glad that there’s one open back in Hutch!

  • tat2x

    We support self expression! Tattoos are an excellent way for artists and individuals to collaborate.

  • DJ

    Allie – When you are old & gray those tattoes will look faded & ugly – explain THAT to your kids???

  • speters

    we have to get with the times if we want hutchinson to continue to be the good town it has been. tattoos and body mods are on the rise and whether we like it or not, we need the money in the town. these youth are going to other cities to get tattoos/piercings. not having them in town and opposing the growth will only hurt the revenue of the town, regardless of one views on the issue.

  • zastsdr

    Man there sure a lot of judge mental and condescending pricks in Hutch looking at these comments…

  • DJ

    zastsdr – There are also people who have NO command of the English language. I think you need to go back to school!!!

  • dj

    zastsdr – You still don’t know how to make a sentence or understand the English language. I sure hope you are NOT from Hutchinson?? Try capitalizing the first word of a sentence, dude!! or are you NOT from this planet???