Sibley County Action on Fiber Project Tabled 27 Sep 12

The Sibley County Board on Tuesday tabled action on the Renville-Sibley Fiber Project bonding over “lack of information about legal and financial details.”

The $70-million project would bring fiber optic phone, internet and television to the rural and urban areas of Renville and Sibley Counties, but some county officials feel that there remains the legal question of whether the county can enter into the project.

Unless a special meeting is called, the Sibley County Board will revisit the issue on Tuesday, October 9th.

Also this week, the Winthrop City Council approved the Renville-Sibley Fiber bonding documents, contingent on a bond counsel review. Winthrop would be responsible for 4% of the project’s debt.

Seven of the eleven entities involved in the project have approved the bonding plans.