Black Bear vs. Nishanto 04 Oct 12

Recently, a YouTube video of a black bear meeting a woman has reached viral proportions on the internet. It depicts a ferocious creature that evokes fear and leaves its victim running in terror. And no… we’re not talking about the bear. Actually, the force to be reckoned with in this scenario is a woman named Nishanto.

In the video, a black bear is spotted sauntering around Nishanto’s well-manicured lawn. All is well until the bear decides to continue his hunt for food up the home’s back steps (taking the neighborly approach). He gets a mere two paws on the top of the deck before receiving a vicious scolding from homeowner Nishanto who yells for him to “get down” and “go.” Recognizing Nishanto isn’t a person to be crossed, the berated bear immediately backs off the steps and scurries out of the yard.

Despite the fact the bear has lethal potential, somehow you feel a bit sorry for him after the tongue lashing he receives from Nishanto. Currently the video is just shy of 2 million views and, based on viewer comments, most people are less interested in the furry intruder and more speculative about Nishanto’s personality and, oddly, sympathizing with her husband who doesn’t even appear on screen (although it’s assumed he’s the cameraman who says, “let me go in your office, because he might come after me”).

It remains to be seen whether Nishanto takes such a harsh tone with everyone in her life or only unwelcome houseguests. However, it’s clear the bear and anyone watching the video will think twice before stepping onto her property.