NFL Injury Could Have Been Life-threatening 08 Oct 12

Every NFL player wants to set records, but being the first person in the league to suffer a unique life threatening injury is not what most have in mind. However, St. Louis Rams wide receiver, Danny Amendola, now holds such a distinction as he experienced a serious clavicle injury during last week’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Amendola suffered the injury while diving in to catch a 22-yard pass from quaterback Sam Bradford. He missed the pass and walked off the field pointing to his shoulder in apparent pain. It was initially assumed he had shoulder damage while later reports suggested he had a broken collarbone, but it is now clear that Amendola dislocated his clavicle — although in a most unusual way. Instead, of the bone popping out, it popped in, which put it dangerously close to puncturing his trachea and aorta.

Thanks to the quick action of the Rams’ medical staff, Amendola was saved from such a potentially deadly outcome as they swiftly put him to sleep and popped his clavicle back into place.

The Rams asked around the league about similar injuries to try and determine how long the star offensive player would be out, but they could not find another case of such an injury occurring in the NFL. Thus, they’re unsure how long Amendola will be out, but it is expected to be at least four to eight weeks.

Still, Amendola is sure to be known for much more than a freak clavicle injury. He currently leads his team with 32 receptions for 395 yards, is tied for team lead touchdowns, and undoubtedly has more in store after his recovery. Presently, the Rams are 3-2 and not looking forward to Amendola’s absence.

“Obviously, losing Danny is big,” Bradford said. “Everyone knows that he’s a big part of our offense. A lot of what we do runs through him.”

It’s suspected the Rams may call on free agent Steve Smith (a 2009 Pro Bowler with the New York Giants) to fill the gap. The Rams’ next game is Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.