Car/Tractor Crash North of Hutchinson 09 Oct 12

A crash involving a car and a tractor north of Hutchinson Monday evening sent two people to the hospital.

According to the State Patrol, 50-year-old Robert Kapotz of Hutchinson was driving a tractor northbound on Highway 15 at 234th

Circle. A car, driven by 76-year-old Margaret Schow of Dassel, was also traveling northbound. The Patrol says as Schow attempted to pass the tractor, Kapotz began to make a left turn and the vehicles collided.

Kapotz was not injured. Schow was taken to the Hutchinson Hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. A passenger in the car,

76-year-old Patricia Johnson of Shelbyville, Tennesee, was treated and released.

The crash happened just after 6 Monday evening.

  • JJ

    The State Patrol, KARP/KDUZ news, NEWS on their website & Hutchinson Leader’s report on this accident have all had the “wool pulled over their eyes”. This man gave you a false last name. It is Klapotz. YES, with an L. He was driving his tractor because he does NOT have a driver’s license. WHY?? Because he lost his license a long time ago. And because there was alcohol involved, maybe you did NOT understand him when he was asked his last name?? And also – Why did he NOT hold out his arm to signal his left hand turn??? Because of HIM 2 people were injuried & a vehicle damaged. Check out & see who his aliases are!!! Let’s put this man where he belongs. NOW!!!

  • bob

    This was a no passing zone. What part of no passing don”t people understand. MN. statute 169.18 spells it out. ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  • bob

    mn. law spells it out, no passing within 300 feet of an intersection in rural areas