Man Gets Too Close to Angry Deer 10 Oct 12

If you saw our earlier article about a bear encountering a woman, you may have come to the conclusion that humans always get the last laugh over animals, but of course, that’s not always the case. This is clearly demonstrated in a new video circulating the web of a man coming face to face with a testosterone-enraged stag.

The incident happened in a London park which is home to around 125 red deer. The deer have lived in the park for hundreds of years, so most locals are aware of their presence. Additionally, there are multiple signs throughout the area warning visitors to keep their distance from the deer especially during mating season.

Despite all that, the man in the video somehow managed to get himself in the middle of a stag fight during (yep, you guessed it) mating season. Apparently, one of the deer became so distracted by the two-legged intruder that he abandoned the fight with his antlered opponent and turned on the human.

The animal chased the unidentified man to a tree surrounded by a rickety wooden fence. To evade injury, the man continually circled the tree while always keeping the fence between himself and his would-be attacker. Still, the incensed deer would not retreat and continued charging, posturing, and grunting. Eventually, the man clambered up the flimsy fence and into the safety of the tree’s branches.

According to passerby and spur-of-the-moment videographer, Lisa Acremom, the man was calling for help, yet onlookers could not get close without confronting the charging deer. “Nobody could get close to the bloke to help so when he went up the tree I dialed 101 and phoned the police,” said Acremom.

With its targeted victim decidedly out of reach, the deer roamed off and police were able to help the man out of the tree. Fortunately, this altercation ended safely for human and beast, but after forcing the man up a tree, we definitely give this point to the deer.