No Action on Fiber Project 11 Oct 12

The Sibley County Board discussed the Renville-Sibley Fiber Project for nearly 2 hours on Tuesday before deciding to take no further action at this time.

The $70-million project would bring high-speed internet, as well as telephone and television services to the residents of both counties, but there have been some questions over the bonding.

The Sibley County Board on Tuesday tabled the issue in order to get the opinion of a Bond Counsel.

Sibley County Economic Development Director Tim Dolan says that 10 of the 11 cities in the project area have previously voted to approve the bonding documents, and several of them have such a Bond Counsel opinion contingency in their motions.

Sibley and Renville Counties and the City of Henderson have not yet approved such a motion.

At this time, the county has been unable to find a Bond Counsel firm willing to give an opinion on the fiber project.

Renville County Commissioners were also on hand for Tuesday’s meeting.