R-S Project Moves Forward 26 Oct 12

The Renville-Sibley Fiber Joint Powers Board on Wednesday voted to move forward with the multi-million dollar project, despite the withdrawal of Sibley County the day before.

RS Fiber Board Chair Brenda Pautsch says that a new business plan for the $70-million proposal to bring fiber optic internet, phone, and television service to the two counties will be prepared by the middle of next week, and the withdrawal of rural Sibley County is expected to significantly lower the project’s construction costs.

The joint powers board also learned Wednesday that residents of rural Sibley County are working on forming a new telecommunications co-op that would connect with RS Fiber in the future, a development which Pautsch calls “Very Exciting.”

A total of 10 communities and Renville County have signed on to the project, and the board decided that November 7th will be the deadline for the City of Henderson’s decision.

A bond counsel will also be meeting with each participating entity

in the coming weeks, before the project moves forward. The hope is to

have the bonding complete by the end of the year.