Drug Lab Bust 30 Oct 12

Two Hutchinson residents were arrested at the Southdale Apartments Monday afternoon after authorities conducted a search warrant for suspected drugs.

Local authorities assisted the Cee VI (6) Drug Task Force in the execution of the search warrant at the apartment in the 1000 Block of South Grade Road at about 2pm.

Residents of the building were temporarily evacuated due to safety concerns over possible volatile chemicals being used in the apartment for a suspected drug lab.

A 19-year-old Hutchinson woman and a 22-year-old Hutchinson man were arrested, booked, and taken to the McLeod County Jail awaiting several narcotics charges.

The suspects were examined at the Hutchinson Hospital for possible chemical exposure before being transported to jail. Substances found in the apartment were sent for testing.

The other residence of the building were allowed back into the building later in the evening.