Tools: Should You Rent or Buy? 02 Nov 12

If you’re a tool-junkie then you’d probably like nothing more than to buy every tool you need for every single project. However, is that really the best use of money and precious garage space? Only you can answer that question, but the next time you find yourself needing one of the tools below consider renting instead. By renting these items you can often save yourself a bunch of cash and have the benefit of using professional-quality tools on your project.




1. Tile Saw

If you’re tiling a small room or cutting smaller sized ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can probably make-do with buying an inexpensive tile saw from your local home improvement store. However, for bigger jobs and thicker tiles, you’ll appreciate the power a heavy duty saw can provide.


Rental Price: $50 per day

Cost to Buy: $200 – $1200


2. Post-Hole Auger

When you only have a few posts to set, you’re better off doing things the old-fashioned way with a $25 manual post-hole digger. But for larger projects, you can save yourself some back pain and get done in a fraction of the time with an auger.


Rental Price: $50 per day

Cost to Buy: $200 – $700


3. Rotary Hammer

Have you ever tried drilling through foundation or masonry with an ordinary drill? Even with special masonry bits, the task can seem downright impossible. On the other hand, put a rotary hammer on the job and you can be done in less than a minute.


Rental Price: $25 – $50 per day

Cost to Buy: $150 – $1,000


4. Garden Tiller

This is one of those tools where you really have to perform a cost analysis based on how much you’ll use the device. For instance, some avid gardeners may use a tiller regularly and can justify the cost while other homeowners may only need one on occasion.


Rental Price: $31 – $60 per day

Cost to Buy: $150 – $800


5. Paint Sprayer

If you want a professional quality paint job free of roller or brush marks then you need a paint sprayer. Sure, there are inexpensive paint sprayers designed for homeowners, but they are difficult to use and rarely have the same quality results of a high-quality sprayer


Rental Price: $65 – $130 per day

Cost to Buy: $200 – $3,500


6. Diamond Saw Blade

Cutting through masonry, concrete and the like requires a tough diamond blade; however, if you only need it for one project, it might not be worth the investment. There are cheap diamond blades available, but if you get one not graded for your project it will break (dangerous and a waste of money).


Rental Price: $60

Cost to Buy: $10 – $1,000


7. Drain Auger

Nothing’s quite as frustrating as buying a moderately priced drain auger only to get it home and realize it’s not long enough to reach your clog. You may be better off renting a longer one and saving yourself a headache.


Rental Price: $30 – $50

Cost to Buy: $30 – $500