Winter Hazard Awareness Week 05 Nov 12

The winter of 2011-12 was relatively mild and dry for Minnesota – but don’t be fooled – the previous winter of 2010-2011 gave Minnesota its fourth snowiest winter on record!

Officials say everyone in Minnesota still needs to prepare for the outdoor hazards of a cold, snowy, icy winter and the indoor hazards that occur every winter.

To help do that, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, along with the National Weather Service and other state agencies, sponsors the annual “Winter Hazard Awareness Week” each fall to remind people to take simple steps that lead to an enjoyable and safe winter season.

The week-long event (November 5th through November 9th) includes a media campaign, online informational materials and locally sponsored public presentations. The campaign focuses on specific topics for each day and can be used in conjunction with school, church, or other civic education or safety programs.

The information is available throughout the season and can be found online on the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s website: click here.