Dragon Baby’s Kung-Fu Skills Go Viral 07 Nov 12

And you thought watching home videos of other people’s kids was boring. Well, maybe it is, but not if the kid’s dad is Patrick Boivin, a Montreal-based filmmaker who likes to spend his spare time experimenting with CGI graphics.

“Dragon Baby,” Boivin’s most recent short film, shows his toddler son, Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin, slaying a stuffed dragon in the martial art stylings of movies “Kill Bill” and “Enter the Dragon.” Romeo plays the part of Bruce Lee; karate-chopping, back-flipping, and finally ripping out the stuffing of his dragon nemesis.

Boivin’s earlier film, “Iron Baby” (a parody of “Iron Man”), features his infant daughter fully decked out in the Iron Man costume; she soars through the clouds, defeats a bunch of machine gun-toting bunnies, launches fire balls — and giggles her way through all of it. Currently, “Iron Baby” has over 14 million views and has reached epic proportions on YouTube.

Still, with “Dragon Baby” nearing 12 million views of its own and still climbing, Romeo is all set to become as legendary as his superhero older sister.

So, how did Boivin get such awesome filmmaking skills? Apparently, the 38-year-old director began his career as a comic book illustrator but gravitated towards film when he “quickly discovered that it was faster to tell a story with video.”

Needless to say, Romeo and his sister will definitely be two kids not embarrassed by their baby photos.

Watch the video below: