Lake LIllian Mayor 08 Nov 12

The next mayor of Lake Lillian could be Kenneth Wittman, if he accepts the job.

With no candidates filing for the mayor’s position, Wittman was the top vote-getter with 13 write-in votes.

City Clerk Susan Jungclaus tells the West Central Tribune that Wittman had not sought the office, and told the city he was undecided about accepting the post. He is currently a City Council member.

If he does not accept the post, the City Council must appoint a council member to serve as mayor. It would then also need to appoint someone to the City Council position.

Current Mayor Ross Wittman did not seek re-election.

There were write-in votes for 11 people. The top three were Wittman with 13 votes, followed by Donnovan Garberich with 12, and and Gary Kaiser with 10.