Tie Broken in Meeker County Commissioner Race 13 Nov 12

A voting error at a precinct in Litchfield Township broke a tie in the race for District 2 County Commissioner, resulting in the Meeker County Auditor’s Office Friday declaring Dale Fenrich the winner by one vote.

Unofficial election night results listed the two candidates in a dead heat, with 1,069 votes each for Fenrich and incumbent Dave Gabrielson.

However, after reviewing results, the Litchfield Indepedent Review reports Meeker County Auditor Barb Loch says staff from the auditor’s office identified a discrepancy between the number of voter signatures on the roster and the ballots counted for Litchfield Township.

The discrepancy was also noted by the Litchfield Township election judges on their incident log.

Loch said the log indicates a voter accidentally received and cast two ballots.

In removing the extra ballot, the results for the County Commissioner District 2 race now show Fenrich with 1,069 votes and Gabrielson with 1,068 votes. The results were officially approved Friday at a County Canvas Board meeting. If the tie had held, state law authorizes a coin flip, or a lot drawing, to determine a winner.

Loch said she expects Gabrielson to formally request a recount, which could happen as early as next week.