Suffocation by Mother 27 Nov 12

Katie Elaine Lewis sobbed as a surveillance video from Children’s Hospital was shown in a Ramsey County courtroom on Monday The

Pioneer Press reports the video, which recorded her May 2nd interaction with her son, Carson, accompanied pretrial testimony by St. Paul police Sgt. Jake Peterson.

The 24-year-old Hutchinson woman was charged in Ramsey County District Court in June with third-degree assault, child endangerment and domestic assault by strangulation.

Prosecutors wanted to amend the charges, substituting the more serious second-degree assault with a deadly weapon for the third-degree assault. Assistant County Attorney C. Ryan Tennison argued that Lewis — who was trained as a nursing assistant — had medical knowledge that helped her carry out the assault. She knew, for instance, that it took very little pressure to stop an infant’s breathing. The “deadly weapon,” in her case, was her hand, Tennison argued.

Defense attorney Michael Davis objected to the new charge. He requested the special hearing Monday and asked Judge Judith Tilsen to find that there was no probable cause for the second-degree assault. Tilsen agreed with the defense.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, a nurse observed, via the surveillance cameras, that Lewis was suffocating the baby. She was arrested and taken to St. Paul police headquarters.

The baby and his 3-year-old brother are currently in the care of their father. A judge has ordered Lewis to have no contact with the children while the criminal case is pending.

A child protection case is proceeding against Lewis in McLeod County.