For Sale: Cosmos School 28 Nov 12

The elementary school in Cosmos is for sale.

Although no formal vote was taken Monday at the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City School Board meeting, the West Central Tribune reports Superintendent Sherri Broderius said the board reached a consensus that the district would seek a “transfer of ownership” of the Cosmos elementary school building.

The district stopped using the school building this spring when all the kindergarten through fourth-grade classes in the district were moved to the elementary school in Atwater.

Several entities lease space in the building, which is maintained by ACGC.

The Southwest/West Central Service Cooperative is the biggest client.

It rents much of the building for the Cosmos Learning Center that teaches students with special needs, including a unique autism program.

A local taxidermy business also leases space in the school building after a fire destroyed its storefront location in Cosmos.

Broderius said the district intends to work with the city of Cosmos or a local economic development organization to transfer ownership. She said the district would also work with an individual interested in purchasing the building.

She said because the Cosmos Learning Center is part of the service cooperative, which doesn’t own buildings, they are not a likely buyer.

Broderius said the board wanted to make the community aware that the district is looking to transfer ownership.