Hutchinson Truth in Taxation 12 Dec 12

The city of Hutchinson held their “Truth in Taxation” public hearing Tuesday evening.      

The hearings are a formality required by the state aimed atinforming the public on how the process works and how much budgets and
levies will be.

City Administrator Jeremy Carter said the proposed budget and levy has not changed since the last discussion a couple of weeks ago.    

Officials are proposing a nearly $10.5-million budget for 2013, which would be a 1.5 percent increase.

The city is proposing a General Fund levy increase of 1 percent and no increase in the debt levy, for a total proposed 2013 levy of
just under $6.5-million. City officials say that amounts to an overall levy increase for 2013 of .69 percent.

 The council is scheduled to approve the final budget and levy on December 20th.