Plans For New RC Hospital 13 Dec 12

The RC Hospital board should have an estimate by the end of this of what it would cost to build a new health care center.

While no decision has been made yet, the West Central Tribune reports the county-owned hospital is moving forward with a scoping process to develop plans for a new facility.

Glenn Haugo, hospital administrator, told the Renville County Board of Commissioners this week that the hospital board and Pope Architects of Minneapolis are developing plans for a facility in the range of 60,000 to possibly 62,000 square feet.

The hospital and medical clinic in Olivia currently comprise 55,000 square feet. An analysis of the hospital’s financial position indicated that it could manage the debt service costs for a project in the range of $20 million to possibly $25 million.

Haugo said a new hospital would likely have fewer than the 25 patient beds in the current hospital. Only rarely has the patient census required 17 beds in recent years, he said.

The new facility is also likely to hold two surgical rooms, although one would continue to function primarily as a procedure room. Long-term, Haugo said the hospital is hopeful of offering more surgical services, such as joint replacements.

The hospital administrator said the architects are expected to present cost estimates for a possible project at the hospital board’s Dec. 27 meeting. No timetable has been set on a decision on whether to pursue a project.