Fireworks Explode at Litchfield High School 14 Dec 12

A teacher preparing for morning classes found a package of fireworks in a school storage shed outside the high school in Litchfield on Thursday morning, before the school day.

KLFD reports the teacher, not noticing the fireworks at first, moved a bench which knocked several of the items to the floor where they exploded on impact.

Superintendent Dr. Daniel Frazier says school administration called the police department to investigate.

The police proceeded to call a bomb squad to the school to further investigate the fireworks and ensure the items were not a threat to the school or its occupants.

Principal Adam Holm says they immediately investigated and brought in authorities because they wanted to ensure the safety or all students and staff in the school. He says they were fairly certain the fireworks were not a danger, but they chose to err on the side of extreme caution. Authorities confirmed the items were a type of firework called power pops or mega-snaps, small firecrackers that detonate on impact with the ground or a surface against which they are thrown. They can be very loud but are generally not destructive.

The fireworks were not found in the school, so the school was not evacuated. The school day proceeded as normal.