Huber Hearing Rescheduled 18 Dec 12

The pretrial hearing that had been set for today (Tuesday) in the murder case against 46-year-old Timothy John Huber has been rescheduled to January 15th.

The hearing was to be before District Judge Donald M. Spilseth in Kandiyohi County District Court however, the West Central Tribune reports court records indicate the hearing was canceled because Spilseth is not available for the afternoon hearing.

Huber and his father, 82-year-old Delbert, were both indicted on first-degree murder charges, along with second-degree murder, for their roles in the October 2011 shooting death of 43-year-old Timothy Richard Larson of Albertville in northern Kandiyohi County.

The elder Huber pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in August. He was sentenced in September to 367 months in prison, the maximum allowed sentence for second-degree murder. As part of a plea agreement, the first-degree indictment was dismissed.

Timothy Huber faces the possibility of spending life in prison, if he is convicted of first-degree murder. He has been held in the Kandiyohi County Jail on $1 million bail since the day of the shooting.

Larson was killed October 8th, 2011, on his father’s rural Belgrade property after a confrontation with the Hubers that apparently stemmed in part from the Hubers’ farm equipment being parked at the Larson farm.

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    How many times does this “Huber” get to have his trial postponed & rescheduled????? No one else get’s that much leeway OR does he have some “pull” the rest of us don’t gert??? The judicial system should be “ashamed of themselves!! This is the 21st century, lawyers & so-called judges!!! And can you find a better picture of “Huber” – the one you always use has GOT to GO!!!