Paynesville School Closed due to Air Quality 18 Dec 12

The Paynesville Area Secondary, which includes grades six through 12, has been closed for the day (Tuesday).

WJON reports the students were released from class at 11:00 a.m. District officials say it’s due to “air quality issues”.     

Reports say there are several fire crews and ambulances at the school, due to carbon monoxide issues.  Students say kids started getting sick in class today (Tuesday), some vomiting.  There are also reports of some kids passing out last (Monday) night during a concert in the gym.

Parent Paul Thielen says they were testing for carbon monoxide poisoning Monday night after students fainted. He said he saw students being escorted from the high school to the middle school area with oxygen masks on Tuesday morning.  The elementary will remain in session for the remainder of the day.

The St. Cloud Times reports school officials saying carbon monoxide levels were tested Monday night and Tuesday morning but neither test had high levels.

(Photo Courtesy Abby Faulkner WJON)