Willmar Man Sentenced in Gun Incident 27 Dec 12

On Friday a Willmar man was sentenced to 60 months in prison and 10 years of probation on a charge of possession of a pistol or assault weapon by a convicted felon.

29-year-old Raul Veliz Jr. was charged after the Willmar police were called to the Regency Estates East on reports of gunshots on September 17, 2011. When officers arrived a number of men including Veliz were in the area.

An officer witnessed Veliz exit the back door of a trailer house, run into a grassy area, and then back into the trailer. The officer found three guns in the grassy area, including a handgun that was loaded and cocked to fire.

The handgun was examined and tracked back to being a gun stolen in November 2010 from the Zero Tolerance store in Willmar.

As part of Veliz Jr.’s plea agreement two felony charges of stolen property and discharging a weapon in city limits, plus a misdemeanor charge for fleeing a police officer were dismissed.