Luce Line Funding Revisited 09 Jan 13

The Hutchinson City Council Tuesday night revisited their support of Luce Line Trail improvements.

In November, the council unanimously adopted a resolution to enter an agreement with the DNR allocating $750,000 from the city of Hutchinson for proposed improvements.

However, the council brought back the issue because of, if not an actual, a perceived conflict of interest may exist with Councilor Chad Czmowski, who had voted in favor of the earlier resolution. Czmowski owns a bike shop in Hutchinson and a biking is one of the major uses for the multi-use Luce Line Trail, so the council voted to rescind the resolution and give Czmowski the opportunity to abstain from voting.

The council again passed the resolution supporting the agreement and funding however this time, the resolution passed on a 3 to 1 vote, with Czmowski abstaining, and newly elected Councilor Gary Forcier voting against the resolution.

Proposed improvements to the Luce Line Trail would be from the Carver County line east of Winsted to County Road 115 on the west side of Hutchinson. 

Total cost would be about $3.5-million.