Hutchinson Hospital Restricts Visitors 10 Jan 13

Due to a rise in influenza throughout the region, Hutchinson Health Hospital has instituted temporary restrictions on hospital visitors until the influenza outbreak subsides.

The initiative is in response to an increase in the number of individuals in our region who have been hospitalized for influenza or have presented to Emergency Room, Urgent Care Centers and clinics with flu-like symptoms.

Officials say by taking proactive steps, Hutchinson Health is helping to keep influenza from spreading. “Our goal is to protect your loved ones while they are in our care and promote a healthier community during this influenza season,” said Karen Ober, Safety Officer for Hutchinson Health.

The temporary initiative includes the following restrictions: Visitors are limited to immediate family members (patient’s spouse or significant other, parent, sibling or child). Only two visitors per patient at a time. No one who is ill with symptoms of influenza (fever and cough, fever and sore throat, along with body aches, stuffy nose, headache and tiredness) will be permitted to visit.

In addition to enforcing these restrictions, each of us can make a difference to help reduce the spread of influenza in Hutchinson by taking these steps: Get vaccinated! It’s not too late to get a flu shot. Wash your hands regularly Cover your cough and sneezes Stay home if you are sick Contact your health care provider before going to a clinic if you or a family member have flu-like symptoms