Partner of Killed Officer Resigns 31 Jan 13

The officer who was partnered with Cold Spring officer Thomas Decker on the night he was killed has resigned.

MNN reports City Administrator Paul Hetland saying 39-year-old Greg Reiter submitted a brief resignation letter to the Stearns City Council, but didn’t give a reason for stepping down.

In the weeks after Decker’s death, Reiter’s actions on the night of November 29th came under close scrutiny.  Investigators say he backed his car away from the scene and lost visual contact with the suspect, so he couldn’t provide many details.

Since then, the gun that killed Decker has been found and a man who had been questioned several times in connection with the shooting was found dead.  31-year-old Eric Thomes was found dead in an outbuilding near his rural Cold Spring home after a police standoff
however. investigators have not declared Thomes Decker’s killer.