Check Cashing Scheme 07 Feb 13

Two people have been charged in connection with what Hutchinson Police are calling a check cashing scheme in which homeless people from the Twin Cities were used to cash thousands of dollars in fraudulent checks at Citizens Bank last month.

Four checks had been cashed on January 24th at Citizens Bank South Branch, netting the “organizers” over $22,000.

Authorities say the scheme was discovered when a teller became suspicious of one of the checks, worth over $6,000, trying to be cashed by a man at their main street location.

That suspect, Juan Ramon Garcia of Milwaukee, was taken to the Hutchinson Police Department for questioning and was ultimately arrested and charged with one count of theft by false representation and one count of attempted theft by false representation.

Another suspect, 46-year-old Lee Dale Davis of Minneapolis, was arrested and charged with one count of theft by false representation.

Police say they are requesting arrest warrants on two additional suspect. Lt. Tom Gifferson says the homeless people were asked if they wanted to make some money and they, along with their valid ID’s, where used to cash the checks.

The investigation continues.