Amending City Code on Animals 13 Feb 13

Hutchinson City officials are in the process of drafting an ordinance amending the city code regarding animals.

The most contentious proposal discussed at last night’s city council meeting was limiting the number of dogs and cats allowed per household.

At last night’s council meeting, it was suggested limiting the number of dogs and cats in any given household to four, with no more than three of each species. For instance, you could have three dogs and one cat, or three cats and one dog however, you could not have four dogs or four cats.

Some member of the council and several residents were not too keen on that aspect of the proposal. Rather, City Councilor Mary Christensen suggested stronger enforcement of the nuisance ordinance would be better than limiting the number of animals per household.

Under the current ordinance there is no limit on cats. Dog ownership is limited to four. If you have four or more dogs, six months of age or older, its considered a kennel, and kennels are not allowed in residential areas.

The council will revisit the issue at their next council meeting in two weeks.