Arlington Traffic Light Deactivation 04 Mar 13

Motorists on Highway 5 in Arlington will no longer need to stop at the intersection with Main Street after today (Monday,March 4). However, MnDOT officials say cross traffic, or motorists on Main Street will need to heed a stop sign before entering the intersection when it is clear.

The evaluation and potential removal of the signal is to improve traffic flow and safety. Current and forecasted traffic is not high enough to warrant the signal at Highway 5 and Main Street that has been in-place for at least 30 years.

Officials say replacing the signal with through-stop control (a two-way stop) is expected to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes, based on crash records from other urban through-stop controlled intersections on the state highway system. It is believed that through-stop controlled intersections have fewer crashes because motorists are required to be attentive and actively look for a safe gap in traffic, rather than relying on a traffic signal indication that does not tell the motorist if it is safe to enter the intersection.

As part of the proposed removal of the signal, MnDOT is currently working with the City of Arlington on the placement of pedestrian-activated flashing warning signs to facilitate the crossing of Highway 5.

Crews from the Minnesota Department of Transportation will cover the signal lights on March 4 and add the following signs:

-Traffic Control Change Ahead – on all four approaches (Hwy 5 and Main Street)
-Stop Signs with flashing LED lights – on both Main Street approaches
-Cross traffic does not stop – on both Main Street approaches, below the stop signs -Temporary pedestrian crossing signs – on the northerly Hwy 5 approach

MnDOT will be evaluating the traffic operations of the revised intersection over a 90 day period. If during the evaluation no adverse traffic impacts are observed by MnDOT, then the signal will be removed as part of the Highway 5 resurfacing project scheduled for this summer. The removal of the signal would result in cost savings to both the City of Arlington and MnDOT.