Traffic Signal Deactivation Delayed 05 Mar 13

The temporary deactivation of the traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 5 and Main Street in Arlington, originally scheduled for Monday March 4th, has been delayed so that MnDOT forces can repaint the pedestrian crosswalk markings on Highway 5.

After reviewing the condition of the existing crosswalk markings at Adams, Main and Alden Streets, MnDOT officials determined that both motorists and pedestrians would benefit from additional emphasis being added to the pedestrian crossings, prior to the signal’s deactivation.

MnDOT will have to wait until temperatures warm to allow for the painting. As a result, the signal deactivation is now scheduled to occur sometime in early April, weather depending.

In addition to the crosswalk painting, pedestrian crossing warning signs will be installed on the roadsides at Main Street and a plastic pedestrian crossing sign will be installed in the middle of Highway 5 at Adams Street. The crossings at Adams and Alden Streets currently have school crossing warning signs installed on the roadsides.

An earlier study, which was initiated and completed by MnDOT, determined that traffic volumes at Highway 5 and Main Street do not warrant a traffic signal now, or in the future. The study also determined that a through-stop control, where Highway 5 traffic does not stop, but Main Street does, was the most appropriate traffic control for the intersection.

In conjunction with the temporary signal deactivation, MnDOT will be evaluating the intersection’s operations over a 90 day period. If no adverse impacts to traffic operations are observed from the signal deactivation, the signal will be removed as part of this summer’s resurfacing project on Highway 5. The removal of the signal is expected to improve traffic flow, while also reducing the number and severity of crashes at the intersection.