Gruenhagen Comments Cause Concern 12 Mar 13

  State Representative Glenn Gruenhagen has caused another outcry in the Capitol with comments connected to the gay marriage debate.

MNN reports the Glencoe Republican used point of personal privilege to introduce a friend on the House floor, saying, “The interesting thing about Kevin is he was active in the gay lifestyle for about 10 years and then he left it, got married, and he now has three children.” Two weeks ago Gruenhagen outraged some by saying that being gay is a lifestyle choice, and there is no gay gene.

Several lawmakers have called the comments inappropriate.

House Speaker Paul Thissen says he will no longer let members recognize friends, family or groups during session.

  • Teacher

    I’m beginning to think Glenn Gruenhagen has the office of governor on his bucket list. More and more his comments indicate that he just may qualify for the position. Let God judge the gay community, Glenn. You’re not qualified.

  • Jim Tom

    Doesn’t Rep Gruenhagen understand that you can not speak the truth in some venues? This will become more clear as people are jailed for doing so.

  • Jim Tom

    The bar has been set quite low by our current governor, but I don’t see where his comments would indicate a desire for the office. Indeed, God will judge all of us, only the unrepentant need fear.