Hutchinson Man Arrested for Criminal Sexual Conduct 15 Mar 13

A staff member from the Information Technology Department of New Century Charter School and New Discoveries Montessori Academy in Hutchinson has been charged for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student over the past two years.

29-year-old Stephen Michael Noga of Hutchinson was arrested at the school Thursday and has been charged with 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.

Sgt. Joe Nagel says they began the investigation after being notified by another students’ parents, who were suspicious of staff member’s behavior.

  • steve

    Nothin wrong with that

  • William mother f’in Wurtz

    Nothin wrong with that….
    wmfw! Steves a good man

  • einstein

    Nothin Wrong With That!
    -A. Einstein

  • Weezy

    What a Playa son

  • friend

    I worked with him and consider him a friend, I still can’t believe he did this. Not like him at all.

  • aleks

    all the people that left comments “nothing is wrong with that” Probably doing underage girls too. What if it was you daughters??? plus its illegal. EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT

  • aleks

    plus he is married. What an idiot!!! I feel sorry 4 his wife. I bit it really embarrassing

  • friend of steve

    I love this guy and looked up to him so much, it was a huge blow when I found out about this

  • Frank aand Stein

    “Not like him at all” Wellllll apparently it was like him….for 2 years. Innocent till proven guilty, but look at his face. Game over.

  • Paula Coyle

    nobody is a good person. Read your Bible.

  • Aleks

    your opinion. bible was written by people,not God

  • Aleks

    God gave us freedom of choice. In my opinion all people are good,they just make bad choices.

  • Exi

    I wonder what his wife thinks of this??

  • Pissedoff

    I know the girl and he ruined her life. He has no remorse for what has happened he’s only worried about what could happen to him. Not her. He destroyed her.

  • PatheticCreepUdeserveThis

    steve was a creep in school too. cant deny that he NEVER hit on youu? lol he crept on all the good looking girls. I AM GLAD that perv is charged with that! HA HA thats what happens when you touch innocent teens. like she knew if it was wrong or right, she probably felt amazing that an ‘older’ guy was into her.
    this is just sickening. you deserve every charge STEPHEN. you (were) are married and you fool around with the girl in the background. and for what?! to get a rush getting away with all this. i know how you disgusting pervs are. i went thru this when i was a teenager and i had a creep neighbor. so to all of you saying this is OKAY, you are so far from reality its not even funny. as for you steve, go rot in your cell for a few years. then you get to enjoy being labeled PEDAFILE for the rest of your pathetic life :) i hope thats what you wanted.. i mean after all, YOU are the CREEP.
    And as for God. Not acceptable to even bring HIM up in this. adultry is a sin

  • Paula Coyle

    Every criminal in the penitentiary thinks he’s a good person. THAT is their opinion. Good is what God defines it as. Without God there is no definition of good. There is just animal behavior. If you think the Bible was written by people, you have nothing by which you can say he was either good or bad. THAT is just your opinion.

  • Paula Coyle

    You have no justification for saying that either, without an objective standard set by someone higher than mankind.