Boosting Downtown Litchfield 19 Mar 13

The volunteer group hoping to reestablish downtown Litchfield as the heart of the community is working on a business plan as a requirement for receiving funding assistance from the City Council.

The West Central Tribune reports that during a February 19th presentation, members of Litchfield Downtown Restoration Commission discussed their group’s purpose and highlighted the benefits of partnering with Minnesota Main Street, a nonprofit organization assisting cities with historic preservation and commercial and economic development.

Council members did not promise any funding but required the group to write a business plan and pursue other funding sources. The timeline established by the commission sets May 1st as the date for creating the business plan.

The commission was formed in December after citizens and property and business owners got together at a town hall-style meeting in October to discuss ideas for improving downtown.

The commission is looking for other funding, but the focus now is preparing the business plan.