Three Hutch Coaches chosen for All Star FB game 29 Mar 13

The coaches have been chosen for the 40th Annual Minnesota High School All-Star Football Game have been announced by the Minnesota Football Coaches Association (MFCA).

The head coaches are Dwight Lundeen of Becker (North) and Andy Rostberg of Hutchinson (South). Together, they have a combined 57 years of head coaching experience and a combined career head coaching record of 432 wins and 176 losses.

This is Andy Rostberg’s second coaching assignment in the All-Star Football Game. He served as an assistant coach for the Outstate All-Stars in 2002. He also played in the 1985 All-Star Game as a quarterback on the Outstate team and becomes the second individual to both play in and serve as a head coach in the Game.

Assisting Andy with the South include David Larson of Hutchinson-the Butch Nash assistant coaching award winner and Grady Rostberg of Hutchinson. For Grady it will be the third time he has coached in the game, although he never has been the head coach. It will also be the first time in the games history that a father and son will coach in the game, and this game will feature two of them, Andy and Grady Rostberg along with Dwight and Mike Lundeen.

The 2013 All Star Football Game will be held on Saturday June 29 at Husky Stadium on the campus of the St. Cloud State University. The Game will showcase outstanding senior players from the 2012 Minnesota high school football season.