Tractor/Pickup Crash 02 Apr 13

Tractor/Pickup Crash A Hutchinson man was injured after his tractor collided with a pickup north of Hutchinson early Tuesday afternoon.

50-year-old Robert Klapotz was taken to the Hutchinson Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The State Patrol says Klapotz was driving a tractor south on Highway 15 just north of the roundabout at North High Drive. A pickup, driven by 80-year-old Eugene Johnson of Dassel, was also driving southbound. The Patrol says Johnson attempted to pass the tractor and was sideswiped.

Johnson and a passenger in his pickup were not injured.

The crash happed just before 1pm.

  • DBJ

    PLEASE get this man off the road. This is the 2nd accident he has been in in less than a year. He does NOT have a driver’s license so he uses a farm tractor to get to town & around to other places. ASk him WHY he does NOT have a valid driver’s license. Because he has had too many violations – due to drinking. Does someone have to be KILLED before the authorities take any action??????

  • bob

    if people would follow the rules of the road under ms. 169.18 accidents like this would not happen. no passing zone means no passing. what part of no passing zone didn’t the driver of the truck understand? There was no drinking involved in this accident,only driver ignorance who passes in a double yellow centerline