RC Hospital Decision Soon 03 Apr 13

A decision on whether to move forward with a proposal to build a new Renville County Hospital and Clinics facility will likely be made by month’s end.

The West Central Tribune reports that Nathan Blad, interim administrator for RC Hospital and Clinics, told the Renville County board of commissioners at their meeting Tuesday morning that he would be bringing a resolution for consideration at their April 16 work session, with hopes they would take action at their meeting one week later.

The RC Hospital and Clinics are looking at an estimated $24 million project to construct a new health care facility, on a site to be determined in Olivia.

Blad said the hospital board is hopeful of obtaining financing for the project through the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development. To do so, it needs to have a formal application ready in July.

According to Blad, the hospital is optimistic about obtaining USDA financing.

The hospital has been holding a series of outreach sessions around the county to explain the project. It has been building a groundswell of support for it in the process, according to the administrator.